In 2016 there were over 2.4 billion individuals who lacked access to basic medical healthcare, the majority of which were located in Africa and Asia.

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Away from the medical aspect, consider that there are over 97 mobile phone subscriptions for every 100 individuals worldwide. Focusing on developing countries that make up 5.7 billion of the global population, this sub-sample has an average mobile phone penetration of 89.5%. To put this into perspective, you are more likely to have a mobile phone than access to medical healthcare. Cue Diagknows.

Diagknows is an automated medical diagnostics service accessible by calling a local phone number. Through medical questions for which answers can be inputted by the caller using their mobile or telephone keypad, Diagknows works through a diagnosis system tree to narrow down the set of possible ailments.

Indirectly the information gathered is pivotal in bettering the lives of our target market; it can be used to alert ground entities such as the Red Cross to be relocated to avert the spread of the disease. Furthermore, this information is essential for the medical health industry such as for pharmaceutical companies; in passing this data onto the Diagknows subscriber network it allows the medical research industry to produce the preventative vaccines and treatment for these diseases before they have a chance to manifest. We can relate this structure to the recent case of Ebola.

At full global penetration, Diagknows could save as many as 10 million lives per annum, and bring basic medical healthcare access to the 2.4 billion that currently live without. Tentative predictions of a 10% penetration into one medium-sized developing country one- year from launch could save as many as 50,000 lives annually.

All profits will be reinvested with a particular emphasis on global expansion. The tentative target for Diagknows is to cover 30% of the countries in Africa and Asia by 2023, however the Diagknows Team acknowledge the achievement of this goal is contingent on initial market response and impact. Watch our mission video to discover the full potential of DiagKnows.

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